Your Voice: Where it Counts

  • I am Independent.
  • I am standing as a voice for the community and voluntary sector.
  • I am standing as a member of the community; our community.

Just like you, I’m sick of the rhetoric and misinformation that has emanated from our Dublin Biased Government.

I firmly believe that this is entirely a product of Party Politics: we have continually elected party politicians thinking they would represent us the people of Clare.

But for the past 30 years all they have done when they got to Dublin is represent the Party Line.

For true local representation in County Clare:

Vote No. 1 Richard Cahill

What You Can Do

  • Get true LOCAL representation for County Clare
  • Ensure that no political party has ultimate control of the government
  • Have an influence on how your TD votes

By voting No.1 for Richard Cahill, your independent candidate for County Clare, you will ensure that whatever format the next government takes, it will be tempered by hands responsible only to you, the people who elected them.

Vote No. 1 for Richard Cahill

Your independent candidate

Local Representation

I will be steered on how to vote on legislative issues by the people who elect me and all in the constituency.

This means I am committing to keep the people informed of what issues are being debated and decided on. I will do this by:

  • Setting up a texting system to pro-actively keep my constituents up to date about current issues
  • Provide real information on the issues
  • Ask for YOUR input via text - so I can see how the people of Clare want me to vote
Local Representation
I have always been closely involved in Community projects.


Imagine a politician offering to be accountable to their electorate.

The texting system will record the number of instructions I get to vote for or against any issue. This means I will actually be representing YOU - not what I might think you want or what a political party wants represented.

The software for this system has been written at my request and will be demonstrated publicly before the election.

Dáil votes are a matter of public record. I will be able to proudly say I voted the way you, the people of Clare instructed me to.

Up to now TDs didn’t even seek to keep you informed as to what was being debated, let alone allow you to influence how they vote.

I have always worked to bring people together for the good of the community.

The Dublin Bias

Everything is designed to benefit Dublin which has approximately 1/3 of the population, only circa ½ the population lives in cities. This autumn the Taoiseach announced Rural Ireland was given a bonus €30 million but a more accurate account is:

LEADER funding alone has been cut by €120 million, that’s not a bonus it’s a €90 million cut for rural Ireland, all while Dublin gets a €368 million LUAS link.

Rural Ireland is fighting to keep GP Doctors in the communities they serve and Dublin squanders millions from the health budget deciding where to build the National Children’s Hospital…

It makes me sick thinking about it!

The Dublin Bias
Everything is designed to benefit Dublin which has approximately one-third of Ireland's population.

Community Sector

Decimation is the Reward for Your Work.

The Community and Voluntary sector - approximately 80% cuts to funding, Yet it continues to deliver essential services that are a given in most countries.

Pieta House, Samaritans, Cahercalla and Milford Hospice, Cuan an Cláir, Clare Care, Caring for Carers, Clare Cancer Centre, Clarecastle and District Day-care Centre, and so many more.

Why was this sector cut?

Community Sector
The community sector has had a long history of providing essential services, yet it has been cut to ribbons.